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Easily indicate whether you're open now — on WordPress

What is this all about?

Good question! So let's dive in... or check out this and that example.

When you have a business website, there are always customers who don't really know when you're open. Even though the font on your business card or flyer is more than big enough, they still can't seem to remember.

Naturally, they'll do a quick search on your website.

That's exactly why this plugin was created. It allows you to easily show your website visitors whether or not your business is currently open. And if it's open, it'll also inform them when you're almost closing — helping procrastinators to stop what they're doing and visit your store right away.

The best thing of all? You decide where to show this information. But if it's up to us, we suggest adding it to your main menu. That way, your visitors know what's what straight away.

No idea what we're talking about? Here's an example or another one.

Plugin features

Multi language support: NL, GR, EN, DE, ES, IT, FR are included.
Add current time.
It's 5:45AM — We're closed.
Add current day.
It's Monday 2PM — We're open.
12 or 24 hour format.
It's 14:33 — We're open.
Define your own sentences. HTML can be included.
Come join us, we're open!
Define sentences when you're almost open/closed.
Hurry, closing in 45 minutes!
Add multiple locations.
Add vacation or holiday exceptions.
Display a location's business hours table.
Example 1
The plugin's main feature: open/closed indication
Example 1
Displaying a time table

How can I use this?


We've made it awesomely simple:

  1. Install from the WordPress Dashboard > Plugin page
  2. Or manually download the plugin and extract to wp-content/plugins/
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Go to Wordpress Dashboard > Settings > Business Hours Indicator
  5. Enter your daily opening hours (and fiddle with the settings if you want)
  6. Use the shortcode [mbhi] to display the output on pages or posts
  7. Or use the PHP code do_shortcode('[mbhi]') to display the output anywhere in your theme


There's 2 things you can display via shortcodes:

Additionally, there are 2 shortcodes used to show content only when you're open, and vice versa:

[mbhi_ifopen location="my location name"]
This text will only appear on the page if your business is open.
[mbhi_ifclosed location="my location name"]
This HTML is only visible if your business is closed.


We've put a few CSS classes in the HTML output, so you can style everything according to your preference. Below is a table with all the exposed CSS classes and an example, in bold, of what they style.

It's 2:00AM — We're closed
It's 2:00AM — We're closed
It's 2:00AM — We're closed
You can use this class to style the text when your business is open. Example: make text color green.
You can use this class to style the text when your business is closed. Example: make text color red.
This class is placed on the opening hours <table>. Grabbing each entry's day can be done via <th>. The opening times are the <td> elements.
This class is placed on the opening hours parent element, if you choose to display them inline. Grabbing each entry can be done via the children as <span>.
This class denoted the current day and opening times in the inline list or table.