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I'm all about

Clean design
that's easy on the eyes.

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A few words about me

I'm a web developer who's been crafting websites for over 6 years. Before going solo in 2015, I worked as a web developer & consultant in Belgium.

Right now, I'm helping small to medium-sized businesses increase their presence online by creating clean and captivating websites, running on WordPress.

Your website is serious stuff. So look around. Talk to other freelancers or agencies. But also talk to me. You’ll be glad you did.

Some of my work

You'll notice the same design trend coming back in all of my work: I like clean, readable designs that convert well on all screens. To achieve that, I make use of awesome fonts, images and icons.

Of course, taste differs. So take a look at my work first. If you like what you're seeing, you know who to hire for your project.

Claire Blumenthal

Business, Personal Branding, design & implementation 2016

Julie Cini

Business, Personal Design & implementation 2016


Café, Bar Design & implementation 2016


Web application Design, implementation & backend 2015


Service website Design, implementation & payment gateway 2016


Web application Design 2015


Service website Design, implementation & payment gateway 2015

Only Stump Grinding

Local Business Design & implementation 2015

Sergey Sobolev

Landing page Design & implementation 2015

I work while I travel, but that won't impact my focus on your project.

What I'm good at

The typical frontend stuff, topped up with WordPress and database knowledge.


•• Javascript & jQuery

•• WordPress

•• MySQL & SQL

WordPress COntributions

My themes & plugins.

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