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A few words about me

I'm a web & WordPress developer who's been crafting websites & web applications for over 8 years. Before going solo in 2015, I worked as a web developer & consultant in Belgium.

Right now, I'm doing a mixture of things: by day, I'm a frontend web application developer, but I also create websites on WordPress for small & medium businesses. By night, I create and sell WordPress plugins with my brand StudioWombat.

Recently, I also started my first niche SaaS application: Table2Site, a tool to convert Airtable bases to websites.

Some of my work


Software as a Service Design, development, backend, APIs 2018

WP Optin Wheel

WordPress plugin Design & development 2017

Studio Wombat

WordPress plugin Design & development 2016


Web application Design, implementation & backend 2015


Web application Design & development 2015

I work while I travel, but that doesn't impact my focus on projects.

What I'm good at

The typical frontend stuff, topped up with WordPress and database knowledge.

•• HTML 5, CSS 3

•• AnguarJS, Javascript, jQuery

•• WordPress (plugin) development

•• .NET MVC, C#, PHP

•• MongoDB, SQL, MySQL

WordPress Contributions

I published a few free plugins in the WordPress repository. The community can freely download, install, and modify this work as they please.

WP Optin Wheel

Business Hours Indicator


Shoppable Images

Ultimate Crypto