Maarten Belmans

WordPress Plugin Dev

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A few words about me

I'm a web & WordPress developer who's been crafting websites & web applications for over 8 years. Before going solo in 2015, I worked as a web developer & consultant in Belgium.

Right now, I'm doing a mixture of things but I'm mostly developing & selling WordPress plugins under my brand StudioWombat.

Recently, I also started my first niche SaaS application: Table2Site, a tool to convert Airtable bases to websites.

Some of my WordPress work


Website dev Development (design was delivered) 2019

Majin Foundation

Website dev Development (design was delivered) 2019

Studio Wombat

WordPress website Design & development 2016

WP Optin Wheel

WordPress plugin Design & development 2018

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce

WordPress plugin Design & development 2019

Other work


Software as a Service Design, development, backend, APIs (Laravel) 2018


Web application Design, implementation & backend (.NET MVC) 2015


Web application Design & development (PHP) 2015

I prefer remote work & a startup culture over the traditional working environment.

What I'm good at

The typical frontend stuff, topped up with WordPress and database knowledge.

•• HTML 5, CSS 3

•• AngularJS, Javascript, jQuery

•• WordPress (plugin) development

•• .NET MVC, C#, PHP

•• MongoDB, SQL, MySQL

WordPress Contributions

I published a few free plugins in the WordPress repository. The community can freely download, install, and modify this work as they please.

WP Optin Wheel

Advanced Product Fields

Business Hours Indicator


Shoppable Images